Geoffrey Parker Custom Backgammon

Welcome To Our Image Archive

At Geoffrey Parker we’ve been making backgammon boards for over 60 years. We’re well known for our luxury leather backgammon, and with over 28,500 colour combinations we know how hard it can be to choose your design.

To make things slightly easier we’ve created a dedicated site packed full of backgammon board colour combinations (past and present) in each colour option to help you with ideas. The images listed below are organised by exterior case colour. Within this, there are various colour combinations for the cups, fields and backgammon doubling cube.

You can also use our digital colour configurator to help you create a digital version of your design.

Please note; our images are from our archive, some from quite early on in our 60-year history, therefore, the image quality and colour shades may vary very slightly. With such a large volume of images as well they can take some time to load.

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